Beijing Future Aerospace Space Technology Institute

Since 2012, China's space industry has entered into a policy intensive period, the rocket and satellite fields have gradually opened to non-governmental capital and other social sectors, and commercial space industry in China has begun to break the ice. At the beginning of 2017, the State Council published a white paper on China's space activities in 2016, which made clear support for the development of commercial space industry. Currently, a sound momentum has been formed in the commercial space industry, with the extensive participation of the state-owned aerospace enterprises, numerous scientific research institutes and universities, and along with a large number of private enterprises.
Beijing Future Aerospace Space Technology Institute is an innovative organization set up in response to the national strategy of promoting progress in commercial space industry. The Institute will bring together technical specialists and industry experts from the government, the state-owned aerospace enterprises, private enterprises, scientific research institutes, universities and other related aerospace applications sectors, with the purpose to “explore the future technology of aerospace and promote the comprehensive development of commercial aerospace industry", focusing on the commercial aerospace industry and advanced manufacturing industry, building industry media platforms and experts think-tank, uniting the enterprises along the whole aerospace industrial chain to provide overall orbit delivery services to the customers, and establishing the project incubation and financing platforms, working together and making contributions to promote comprehensive progress of China’s commercial space industry and to build China into a space power in all respects.